Top 5 Bachelorette Party Games

Top 5 Bachelorette Party Games

1. Pin The Macho On The Man
More like pin the cock on the jock! The classic game has drunk blind girls running around with sticky dicks – what could be more fun?


2. Drinking Games From Around The World
What better way to get the party started than by throwing back a few glasses both small and tall. Since beer pong is mostly a guy thing, this game ads a new twist for the ladies to enjoy. The night can’t be totally FULL of cock.

Cheers! Salud! Kampai! Bottoms Up! A collection of 31 of the most popular drinking games from around the world! Includes: 31 game rule cards, 2 dice, a deck of poker cards, a spinner, a plastic game chip and a dreidel.


3. Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge Card Game
Bachelorette’s Bar Challenge is the game that celebrates your friend’s last night out as a single gal where it should be celebrated: at a bar or club!
The Bachelorette has two hours to collect five different Shot cards. She starts with five cards and carries out actions like ‘tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue’ and ‘ host a best rear end contest’ to earn new cards.
When the Bachelorette wins, she gets to assign shots to friends participating in the game. Give her a night she’ll never remember!


4. Delux Spin the Bottle
The Deluxe Spin The Bottle game includes wheels for 6 Spin The Bottle games. Such wheels include Naughty, Strip, Body Kiss, Do A Dare, Deluxe Kiss and Foreplay. How it works: The bottle and the wheel spin separately. Perform the action spun on the player the bottle points to. Contents include a spinner base, a bottle, game rules, and 3 double-sided exchangeable wheels.

Ok so this is obviously a party of only women, lots of alcohol, and naughtyness everywhere. No cellphone/cameras allowed – no boys – this si a great idea! Show your Bachelorette friend one last night of reckless naughtiness – besides, it’s not cheating if it’s not with the opposite sex!


5. Bachelorette Dare Me T-Shirt
Don’t let her tie the knot without having one more night of all-girl “dare” fun… get her The Naughty ‘Dare Me” Bachelorette Party Tee! This one-size fits most T-shirt is made of soft 100% cotton, is lightweight, and is designed with a list of dares for her to complete with boxes to check off with the black marker that is included. So, make it a night she will never forget!

Dares include “Take off your shirt”, “Dance on the table or bar”, “Fake an orgasm (loud)”, “Give a stranger a lap dance” and more!


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    June 27, 2010
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    Seriously Good information. I have gotta express though that for games, I’m still hard core and adore monopoly. What is your favorite?

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