Strip Games

Strip Games

Special Edition Chess
My wife and I really love this game. First, we light the candles and play quiet love music. When all of the pieces are set up we take one last look in each other’s eyes and start the game! Whenever I get one of her chess pieces, I also get to slowly take off one of her clothing items. I like to start with the socks first so that we can save the best for last! Usually the game stays pretty even so that we eventually don’t have any clothes on. One time, she jumped on me before we were even done and you can assume what happened after! Anyways, try this one out because it’s a really great game.
–submitted by Anonymous

Twister Teasers
Spend a night in and play twister, but with a twist. Whoever loses the round must take off an article of clothing. Play as many rounds as you wish, but before long, your sweetie will be all over you!
–submitted by Dacey

Pick A Number
If you like to be silly with your love, here’s a fun thing to do: Walk up to them with a big smile on your face, and say, “Pick a number between one and ten.” Don’t explain why, just tell them to do it. When they make a guess at it, lean in close and whisper, “Nope, you lose. Take off your clothes.”
–submitted by Barbara Tilton

Strip Checkers
First, both you and your mate write down a fantasy of yours on a slip of paper. Make sure that each of you is only wearing 4 items of clothing. Woman: shirt, bra, panties, and pants. Man: shirt, undershirt, boxers, and pants. Then play normal checkers. But when you jump one of your lover’s pieces you take off one of their pieces of clothing until both of you are naked. Next (once you are both naked) if you jump one of your lover’s pieces you choose something to do to them or choose something for them to do to you. The game goes until one of you wins and the person that wins gets their fantasy to be a reality. This is perfect for making up or rekindling your love life.
–submitted by Anonymous

Strip Cribbage
Very simple. Play a normal game of cribbage… except, the loser of each hand has to remove a piece of clothing. Should one (or both) of you end up naked before the end of the game then the winner of the hand will make a request of the loser to do something to him/her. To make it even more interesting, the winner can tell the loser to do something to themself while he/she watches. No matter what the outcome of the game is, you both end up winners!!
–submitted by W.A.B.

Strip Darts
My husband and I had a dart board laying around the house, so one day we decided to put it up and play a bit of strip darts. We were not too sure how we were going to accomplish this, but we started with 2 decks of cards. I dealt out 10 cards each. We looked at our own cards only (so neither of us knew the others cards). The cards represented #’s on the board (A=1 J=11 Q=12 K=13). We shot the darts with hopes of hitting our #s that were on our cards and not in our partner’s cards. If we hit a number that we had a card for then we then we got to discard that card. Eventually, one of us ran out of cards. The partner who still had cards in their hand had to remove a piece of clothing. Soon enough, all the clothing was removed. My husband was so turned on (even though neither one of us was very good at darts), we both enjoyed the game very much!
–submitted by Secret One

Strip Dice Game
One of you roll the dice to start the game. On each player’s turn, they guess whether their roll of the die will be higher or lower than the previous one. If they are incorrect then they must remove one item of clothing. The die is then passed to the other player.
–submitted by Randy

Strip Monopoly
The next time you play Monopoly, use these rules to make it extremely interesting! Every time a player has to pay tax, pay to get out of jail or pay a chance or community chest card, instead of using money, they put a piece of clothing in the middle. Whoever lands on free parking, gets the clothes. The winner, of course, is the one with the most clothing. Just think of the fun you can have with your partner trying to get your clothes back.
–submitted by Roberta

Strip Pop
You will need to write different clothing words on little pieces of papers (ie. shirt, pants, undies and so on). Then you will need to place each piece of paper in separate balloons. Give the balloons to your lover and tell them to pop one at a time. As they pop them, they have to read the paper and remove the clothing stated. If you should get the undies one before your pants, just lay it to the side. It will build the excitement, waiting to take the undies off. You can have some stripper music playing to give your partner a real show. Then you can switch positions. It’s always fun to watch your love strip. Have fun!!
–submitted by Brandi

Strip Scrabble
Spice up the old Scrabble game with this sexy version. Play Scrabble like normal, but with two scoring rules changes. For every 20 points you score, your opponent has to strip off one item of clothing. You play until all tiles are used, and the winner get to assign sexual/romantic favors to the losing partner.
–submitted by Anonymous

Strip Sorry
Ok, we are all familiar with the childhood game Sorry, right? The object of the game is to get your four game pieces into your colored section. In Strip Sorry, you must make sure you and your partner only have four articles of clothing on. After you do that, begin playing the game normally. The person who gets the first piece to the end gets to watch as the other player removes an article of their clothing. This process continues until some one has no clothes on, but then you can quit playing and go into the bedroom.
–submitted by Morgan

Strip Backgammon
Take time to dress up for a night of games. Include candles, soft music, your drink of choice such as wine, beer or mixed drinks, and make sure you have enough alone time. Playing is simple. The winner chooses a piece of clothing for the loser to remove. So if I am lucky, my wife is playing topless… if not, I’m in my boxers. To add some fun, if one of us rolls doubles, then he or she has a choice of something like a kiss, or back rub, or part massage. Doubles happen frequently so we get a lot of touching during the games. Also, if one partner gets gammoned, the winner gets a bigger prize. This certainly keeps us having fun, even in our 17th year together.
–submitted by Anonymous

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